Motorized Blinds (Alternative)

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Tired of your standard window blinds? Introducing the new Auto-Line Wand Motor in the Philippines! It brings cushy and luxurious ways to add functionality and convenience to the usual window shades.

Auto-Line Wand Motor is an upgrade to the motorized blinds. it has an extra child safety feature, an adjustable rotation and an easy set-up for a variety of window blind settings. Available in two operational types: Wand (standard type) and RF Module (an electronic device affixed to the standard type for wireless and mobile control options), both of which are incredibly safe and child-friendly.

Product Specification

  • Model: AM25 – 1.2/30
  • Rated Torque (N.m): 1.2
  • Rated Speed (rpm): 30
  • Tube Diameter (mm): 25
  • Rated Voltage (V): DC 7.4
  • Current (uA): 10
  • Rated Current (A): 0.9
  • Protection Rate (IP): 42
  • Maximum Rotation (turn): infinity
  • L1/L2 (mm): 451/415


Product Features

  • It has patented low noise DC motor.
  • Rotation can be set into a precise limit adjustment possible.
  • The switch is placed at the eye level, for blind height control comfort.
  • Charging of the unit is simple and effortless via controller switch.
  • Guaranteed child protection feature through the wireless switch (standard model combined with RF module type).
  • If the RF module, which can be optional, is attached to the switch handle, the height can be adjusted using the remote control for a variety of window blind setting.
  • It can also be used with the Smart Home (IOT) System for mobile dial options.

Product Accessories

Our Auto-Line Wand Motor does not only comes with accessibility and style, but with fixtures that will complete the set-up of your preference.

Crown DH-007 Standard
Drive Wheel DL-007 Standard
Adapter DC12V *Standard Supplied separately
Shaft DSD-013 (38mm) Compatible with manual type
End Plug 38mm Triple Compatible with manual type
Box Type Bracket (L, R) Left and Right Bracket (S/M) Compatible with manual type



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The RF Module is optional. It can be attached to the standard motorized blinds offerings here in the Philippines to have a cordless switch through the use of a remote control. It also has a buzz sound feature that indicates low battery level.

RF Module Specification

–    Power: DC 3.3V

–    Operating Frequency: 447.775MHz

–    Dimensions: 24.5 x 24.5 x 42.85 (mm)

–    Operating Temp: -10ᵒC + 50ᵒC

–    Switch: 1 key


Motorized Blinds offer the simplicity of a Push-Button Operation (remote control) and/or by a Wireless Solar Controller for your window treatments, a great addition for hard to reach locations, heavy curtain and draperies or simply for luxury.

These Motorized Blinds are applicable for Window Blinds, Curtains, & Retractable Awnings.