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Windoway Trading Inc. is an interior furnishing company in the Philippines that provides high-quality Korean products, specializes in Furniture for offices, schools, and hospitals; Window treatments such as window blinds and shades, curtains, and window film; and Artificial Grass for sports and landscaping purposes; Roll-up Insect Screens for windows and doors, and other interior related products.



Products Warranty
Winshade certifies its products to be free of manufacturing defects and warranties its products ...
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Made in Korea
Korea has been improving its brand image and the quality of its products throughout the years. I...
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UV Protection, Fire Retardant & Durability
Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays that may affect your family's health. Reduced discoloration. Our W...
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Fire Retardant
Delivers quality and adornment, yet ensures safety against fire hazards. Windoway's selected wind...
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Extended warranty
The only company that offers extensive warranty.
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Lifetime Service Warranty for Furniture
Winfurniture offers the highest quality furniture in the Philippine market.  We provide not only t
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